Surrounding Area of Liberty MO


Concrete Epoxy Coating is proud to service the area of Liberty, MO. We are here to completely finish your Concrete Epoxy Coating Surfaces. Our Services include Residential, Commercial and Industrial Spaces for your Concrete Epoxy Coating Surface applications.

How long can a well installed epoxy coating surface last?

If you are looking to have your epoxy floor coating last as long as possible and perform to its best ability, you need a professional installation. When you choose us to install your epoxy floor, you can expect your flooring to last upwards of 20 years in most cases. When the flooring is both well installed and properly maintained, you can expect your flooring to last well over 30 years!

Concrete Epoxy Coating Surfaces from Liberty, MO………….

We do offer services to several towns and cities surrounding Liberty, MO. This is not an inclusive list but here are several towns that we do offer our services.

Concrete Epoxy Coating on Basement Surfaces

Metallic Flooring

Metallic epoxy flooring systems have been taking the commercial and residential sectors by storm this past year for its stunning appearance. What most people don’t know is metallic epoxy offers more than just looks, it also offers:

  • A simplistic maintenance regiment
  • Visuals like lava, clouds of waves.
  • The same durability as industrial concrete with the 100% solid epoxy system.

Commercial Flooring

Commercial epoxy flooring systems have been the most trusted flooring systems since their invention in 1926 and down below, you will find a few benefits that help make its case:

  • Has approval from the USDA to be used in sensitive facilities.
  • It offers superior chemical and physical damage resistance.
  • Can be modified with silica sand for texture, safer treading when wet or soiled.

Garage Flooring

Garage floor epoxy has been one of the most used coating systems on the market for decades and with one of our professionally installed epoxy garage floor coatings, you can enjoy benefits like:

  • A garage up to 150% brighter without additional lights.
  • Decades of service life as it lasts up to 30 years.
  • A stain-resistant finish.