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When it comes to choosing a pool deck sealer, a few different types can be used. The two most popular sealers for concrete are acrylic and sealers that are water repellent.

But… Epoxy Coating for a Concrete Pool Deck Is Best

The two types of sealers listed above are excellent, but an epoxy concrete sealer works best on pool decks. Especially decks with a rough surface or have an area that needs repairing due to cracks or pits. The epoxy fills in crevices and small holes in the pool deck and offers an easy-to-clean finish that won’t fade from exposure to pool chemicals or UV rays, etc.

Not only is a plain grey concrete pool deck not very attractive, but it can also be hazardous. Hot concrete baked by the sun streaming through windows can quickly burn a person’s bare feet, and concrete is a somewhat slippery surface because it is very smooth. Epoxy coatings are available to give every pool deck a high-quality appearance and work to protect against potential damage. Rough patches can hurt bare feet, and anti-slip coatings are essential to use for the health and welfare of swimmers and sunbathers.

Concrete Epoxy Coating for a Pool Deck Sealer is always the best……

Maintaining the Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coatings create a moisture barrier for concrete. Rather than water and other liquids soaking into the surface, the moisture will stay on top. Future deck maintenance will be much easier once the surface is coated with epoxy.

In general, one coat of sealer is sufficient to cover the entire deck. For the best results, the concrete must be clean and dry before application. The product should be rolled to ensure even coverage while the air temperature stays between 50 and 90 degrees.

Once the coating is dry, the surface can be maintained relatively easily. Oil and other staining fluids should be washed off the concrete surface using a mild cleaning agent as soon as possible. Keep the deck clean by lightly hosing off the dirt, mildew, pollen, and any other surface buildup every day or two.

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