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Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating

Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating

Are epoxy coatings good for commercial settings?

Commercial Epoxy Floor coating is one of the top flooring systems for use in all commercial settings. Did you know that epoxy is one of the few flooring systems to be approved for use in sensitive facilities such as facilities that handle food and beverages as well as medical facilities? This is because an epoxy floor has a seamless and smooth finish so loose debris or germs can’t hide away and reproduce. Epoxy can even be customized to make commercial facilities more efficient. To do this, epoxy is installed with stencils that can be used to create barriers, walkways and you can place text directly under the top coat of epoxy so it can be seen no matter the circumstances.

Commercial Applications for Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating

Concrete Epoxy Floor Coating offers solutions for customers looking for industrial or decorative surface finishes. We offer products that are resistant to abrasion, impact, hot spillages and chemicals. Products are durable enough to endure thermal shock, aggressive high pressure water cleaning and scrubbing. We have coatings that are a perfect fit for worn or otherwise damaged concrete floors to protect employees and customers. They will also protect from dangerous health hazards including mold, bacteria, fungus and viruses.

The Concrete Epoxy Coating will beautify indoor and outdoor floors on commercial, industrial, institutional, and processing plants. Other Commercial applications include beverage & packaging facilities, commercial kitchens, freezers, coolers, warehouses and shipping docks.

Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings will last for years.

Benefits of Having Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating in a Commercial Garage

There are many factors that create the benefits of having the epoxy coating in a commercial garage. First, think of what goes on in your garage on a regular basis. Other than having a good look, a thick application when hardened creates a durable and resilient coating to protect against several of these activities. Epoxy coating offers surface abrasion, chemical resistant, chipping, staining and impact resistance. This offers some ease of mind if you drop heavy tools, or equipment falls over, your floor is protected.

​Maintaining and Cleaning

The thicker coats of epoxy also help manage the cleanliness of the garage itself. The majority of dust that is formed in garages comes from the shedding of concrete floors. This dust will cling to your cars, benches, and shoes to be tracked into your house. However, a thick coat of epoxy will eliminate the dust as well as cover any spider cracks or flaws in the concrete. The epoxy is anti-dusting due to its topical sealing properties.

The maintenance of the topical coating in itself is a benefit. It is moisture resistant which is ideal for wet and snowy climates. It is a simple cleaning job if brine and road salts are collected during winter. Generally all it takes is a mild soap and water. Dust mops and soft brooms are best at removing debris when the floor is dry.

Safety of Epoxy Coating

Slip-resistant aggregate can be added to the final coat of the epoxy to create a non-skid surface. This is sometimes recommended due to the top coat that you use. If you chose to add the colored acrylic flakes, and some of the other top coats, can become slippery when they are wet.

There have been some wonderful reviews and high remarks in regard to the epoxy coatings by home mechanics. The stain and chemical resistance makes it less of a hassle for cleaning up of oil, anti-freeze, brake fluid, gasoline, and other chemicals. Depending on the topcoat used, these floorings can be quite reflective making the garage a brighter environment to work in.

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